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Dinosaur Facts

Dinosaur Facts:
Length: up to 6.1m (20 feet)
Diet: Carnivore
Period: Early Cretaceous
Time Span: about 130 Million Years Ago

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The ancient meat eater Concavenator releases a tremendous roar, causing a shiver in its distinctive raised spine. This replica features a gaping mouth full of detailed teeth and was designed to reflect the latest scientific research. With the endorsement of Carnegie Museum of Natural History, which houses one of the largest collections of dinosaur fossils in the world, these dinosaurs have won numerous awards based on their excellence and authenticity. Each Carnegie Dinosaur Collectible is individually hand painted, resulting in vivid designs that appeal to all imaginations. Recommended Ages: 3+. Products is lead free and thoroughly safety tested


Discovered in central Spain in 2010, Concavenator was a Cretaceous Period meat eater with a distinctive hump on its back. 

The hump was formed mostly by two backbones that were taller than the rest. Scientists are unsure what the hump was for, but it may have been for energy storage or display (to attract a mate or scare away a rival, for example). 

Concavenator is an early member of the Carcharodontosauria, the predatory dinosaur group that also includes Acrocanthosaurus and Giganotosaurus. 

Some carcharodontosaurs were among the largest meat-eating land animals that have ever lived.

Model Dimensions:
Scale: 1:25
Length: 17.5cm
Height: 9.0cm


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