Velociraptor Statue

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Dinosaur Facts

Length: up to 1.8 m
Diet: Carnivorous
Period: Upper Cretaceous
Time Span: 84 - 80 Million Years Ago

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W-Dragon Velociraptor - Limited Edition

Delivery time - 10 to 45 days

W-Dragon collection. Limited Edition Velociraptor: AVAILABLE NOW! One of the most widely recognised dinosaur species of all time, the intellligent Velociraptor has been made famous by recurring appearances in Jurassic Park film. This incedibly detailed replica is a must for any budding palentoligists collection fantastic. A high-quality dinosaur model, this impressive museum quality piece is guaranteed to capture the imagination of dinosaur enthusiasts.

Velociraptor was a small, carnivorous dinosaur that lived in Mongolia during the Late Cretaceous, 71 to 75 million years ago. Unlike the fictional movie counterpart that made this species famous, the real Velociraptor was only about the size of a turkey and was covered in feathers. Despite its diminutive stature and feathery appearance, Velociraptor was an effective predator that used its dangerously sharp teeth and claws to subdue small prey and other dinosaurs.

Delivery time - 10 to 45 days


W-Dragon Velociraptor Limited Edition of 300 pieces

Scale: 1/8

Pre-order via Dinosaurtime


Length: 50.0cm (19.6 inches)
Height: 35.0cm - including base (13.7 inches)


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