About Us

DINOSAURTIME is your online retail store for great dinosaur models and toys to suit the dinosaur enthusiast or just to provide a great toy for your children. We have some of the very best dinosaur toys and collectibles available from Favorite, Schleich, Papo and Safari. We have a dynamic, growing stock of unique toys and models for kids and adults alike to enjoy.

We also wholesale the Favorite Collection. Favorite Collection produces various dinosaur models such as skeletons, small and large skulls, life-like "flesh-on" figures (called desktop models) and special figures created by famed U.S. dinosaur sculptor, Michael Trcic. They are all made with exquisite detail. 

Models are recreated with scientific accuracy and appropriate scale right down to minute detail. Models are of a high level of quality that they would be appropriate for exhibit in a museum, yet at a price anyone can afford.

These sophisticated models are based on the latest paleontological discoveries and studies. For instance, the Stegosaurus model has a jaw based on recent discoveries that the throat was protected by small pieces of bony plate.

Dinosaurtime sells a wide range of other dinosaur merchandise including puzzles, books, soft toys and keyrings.