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Dinosaur Facts

Length: up to 9.0m
Diet: Carnivorous
Period: Late Cretaceous
Time Span: 98 - 65 Million Years Ago - dinosaur toys and models!

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This Safari Ltd series of dinosaur toys was developed to stimulate the imagination and create a curiosity of the world we live in. Intricately detailed, hand-paintedand phthalate free. Each replica comes with 5 language educational information. Non-toxic and BPA free, Ages 3+.

Albertosaurus is a dinosaur which walked the Earth approximately 76 million years ago during the Mesozoic Period. It is a typical tyrannosaurus therapod dinosaur and has many features that qualify it as this type of dinosaur. Some of the features include carnivorous behavior, bipedal movement on back legs, tiny front arms, hollow bones like a bird and the ability to move very swiftly and with dangerous precision.

Although this dinosaur had many features of it genus—a tyrannosaurus theropod—it also had some key differences that made it quite different from the typical Tyrannosaurus. For instance, its skull was quite a bit thinner than the typical tyrannosaurus and its teeth weren’t as well adapted for crushing bone as a tyrannosaurus. Some scientists believe that Albertosaurus had a bite like the Kimono Dragon. A bite that would pass on a septic infection to whatever it bit. This dinosaur was approximately 30 feet long, 11 feet tall at the hips and weighed as much as 3 tons. It also had 15 razor sharp top teeth and 20 bottom teeth.

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Length: 25.0cm
Height: 8.0cm


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