Blacktip Reef Shark

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Dive into the deep blue ocean and discover the world that lives beneath the sea with this quality life-like Blacktip Reef shark toy. This realistic Blacktip Reef shark model powers your imagination, so you might discover what sharks live in our deep seas.

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A member of the requiem shark family that can be found in shallow waters in the Indian and Pacific Ocean, the blacktip reef shark is a relatively small species of shark. They rarely grow beyond a length of five feet, and usually weigh between 200 and 250 pounds. 

Scientific Name: Carcharhinus melanopterus 

Characteristics: Although the blacktip reef shark very rarely attacks humans, its best you handle our life-like model instead of the real thing! Individually hand painted and sculpted by professionals, this figurine is scientifically accurate! As their name suggests, blacktip reefs sharks have distinctive black tips on all of their fins, as well as slate gray skin with a white underside.

History: Blacktip reef sharks are very important members of the ecosystems that they inhabit, primarily because they are often the apex predator in the food chain. They are currently listed as near threatened on the IUCN red list, and their current population trend is defined as decreasing. While their populations are not fragmented from one another, they are mainly declining because blacktip reef sharks often end up as bycatch in many inshore fisheries.

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Length: 14.5cm

Height: 7.0cm


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