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Dinosaur Facts

Length: up to 23m
Diet: Herbivore
Period: Late Jurassic
Time Span: 150 Million Years Ago

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The affordable Safari Ltd series of dinosaur toys was developed with the younger child in mind. Child friendly designs stimulate the imagination and create a curiosity of the world we live in. Intricately detailed, hand-paintedand phthalate free. Each replica comes with 5 language educational information. Non-toxic and BPA free, Ages 3+.

Camarasaurus was a large sauropod dinosaur, growing up to 75 feet long. It lived during the Late Jurassic Period, 150 million years ago, and is known to have tussled with the predatory Allosaurus.

History: Though Camarasaurus was first discovered and named in the late 1870s, a complete skeleton would not be discovered until 1925. Since then, many complete skeletons have been uncovered, which is rare for sauropods, whose skulls are fragile and normally destroyed before fossilisation can happen. Camarasaurus has a skull that is quite distinctive among sauropod dinosaurs, in that it is deep and blunted - many sauropod skulls, such as those of Diplodocus or Apatosaurus, are known to be longer and narrower.

Scientific Name: Camarasaurus, meaning ‘Chambered lizard’


Length: 34.3cm
Height: 15.9cm


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