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Dinosaur Facts

Wingspan: up to 4.8 m
Diet: Carnivorous (meat eater)
Period: Early Cretaceous
Time Span: 120 Million Years Ago

Beautifully modelled and finished Guidraco 1:40 scale dinosaur model. Hand-painted and finely detailed, this Guidraco dinosaur toy is a great addition to collect for any dinosaur fanatic!

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Guidraco is thought to have been a piscivore‭ (‬an eater of fish‭) ‬because of the arrangement of the anterior‭ (‬forward‭) ‬teeth that are both elongated and angled to point forwards rather than just up and down.‭ ‬This arrangement creates a large catch area of needle like teeth that significantly increases the chance of this pterosaur to catch and hold onto slippery prey like fish.‭ ‬These anterior teeth also have vertical ridges on the back while the teeth at the rear of the mouth are smooth. 

Guidraco also has a crest that rises up from the back of the skull similar to world famous Pteranodon,‭ ‬but it lacks the semi-circular‭ ‘‬keel crests‭’ ‬on the tips of the jaws that are present in other ornithocheirid genera such as Ornithocheirus.‭ ‬Instead the closest match is to the aforementioned Ludodactylus which seems to have had a similar head crest to Guidraco while also lacking the keel crests.‭ ‬Although pterosaur crests have often been described as flying aids for such things as steering,‭ ‬the incredible variety amongst different genera is more indicative of the crests being used for display purposes.‭ ‬This could not only be for the purpose of attracting a mate,‭ ‬but for recognising others of their own kinds during a time when the skies would have been full of multiple kinds of pterosaurs.


Model Dimensions:
Scale: 1:40
Length: 25.0cm
Height: 25.0cm


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