Mapasaurus - hunting

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Dinosaur Facts

Length: up to 10.2m
Diet: Carnivore
Period: Middle Cretaceous
Time Span: 100 to 90 Million Years Ago

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Mapusaurus was a huge dinosaur which lived approximately 100 million years ago during the late Cretaceous Period. Some paleontologist believe that this bipedal carnivore could run at a top speed of 30 miles per hour. If that is the case, then that would have made it significantly faster than a Tyrannosaurus Rex. It also would have made it more than fast enough to take down any of the herbivores that existed in South America at the time.

An interesting fact about Mapusaurus is that it is one of the largest carnivores to have ever been found. It is even bigger than Giganotosaurus and Tyrannosaurus Rex. However, it still wouldn’t be as large as a
Spinosaurus—which is still the largest carnivore of all time and unlikely to be unseated from that title anytime soon. 

Mapusaurus Facts:

  • Weighed as much as a Hippopotamus
  • Was as long as a Whale Shark
  • Was over a story high
  • Was as fast as a White Tailed Deer
  • Lived in South America


Model Dimensions:
Length: 23.2cm
Height: 8.1

Suitable for ages: 3 plus


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