Midnight Moon Dragon

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Dinosaur Facts

Midnight Moon Dragon

This darker, more dangerous cousin of the Red Mountain Dragon has rarely been seen. Venturing forth from his lair only at night, even the shadow of this creature is feared by men. Legends say its breath does not burn like fire but withers all living things.

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The Midnight Moon Dragon is difficult to spot on a moonless night, and is one of the fiercest and most dangerous dragons. Their extra pair of eyes allows them to have accurate night vision when they swoop upon their prey.Even though we now know that what were once thought to be dragon bones turned out to be dinosaur fossils, these mythical creatures still capture the imagination! Each replica comes with 5-language educational hangtag. Products are hand-painted, phthalate-free and thoroughly safety tested.


Model Dimensions:
Length: 21.5cm
Height: 14.6cm Suggested Ages:  3 plus 


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