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Dinosaur Facts

Length: 1.2 to 1.5m
Diet: Carnivore (meat eater)
Period: Pleistocene Epoch (the early part of the Quaternary Period)
Time Span: 1.6 Million Years to 11,000 Thousand Years Ago

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Great range of affordable prehistoric model toys from Mojo. Ideal for children and collectors both.Ages 3+

Saber-Tooth Tigers had almost comically copious bites: these felines could open their jaws at a snake-worthy angle of 120 degrees, or about twice as wide as a modern lion (or a yawning house cat). Paradoxically, though, the various species of Smilodon didn’t chomp down on their prey with much force, because they needed to protect their precious canines against accidental breakage!


Model Dimensions:
Length: 12.0cm
Height: 6.0cm


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