Dayong The Yangchuanosaurus and Xiaobei The Chungkinggosaurus, 1:35 scale

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Dinosaur Facts

Yangchuanosaurus Facts:

Length: up to 10m
Diet: Carnivore
Period: Late Jurassic
Time Span: 163 - 145 Million Years Ago

Chungkinggosaurus Facts:

Length: up to 4m
Diet: Herbivore
Period: Late Jurassic
Time Span: 163 - 145 Million Years Ago

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Take a look at these fantastic dinosaur models from PNSO. Incredible details and beautiful painting of the figures are what sets these dinosaur replicas apart from most others. PNSO collaborates with professional scientists and has been invited to many key laboratories around the world to create these scientific works of art. This collection of dinosaur models are an absolute must-have for any dinosaur collectors out there - kids and adults a like.

Some interesting facts about Yangchuanosaurus include the fact that not only was this dinosaur an apex predator but that it also may have hunted in packs. Carnivorous dinosaurs have long been thought to hunt alone but this dinosaur may have been the exception to the rule. If it did hunt in packs, like lions, then it would have been a most formidable foe and capable of taking down just about any dinosaur it chose as prey.

As stegosaurs go Chungkingosaurus was towards the smaller end of the scale at four meters long.‭ ‬The hips and humerus‭ (‬upper arm bone‭) ‬of Chungkingosaurus seem to be quite primitive when compared to other stegosaurs.‭ ‬The skull is also deep which might be a relict primitive trait,‭ ‬or an adaptation for supporting stronger muscles for eating tougher vegetation.‭ ‬The plates of Chungkingosaurus that run down the back and tail are arranged in plates rather than in an alternating pattern,‭ ‬as has been proposed for the more famous Stegosaurus.‭ ‬Unfortunately however the total number of plates is still unknown.‭ ‬Like with many other stegosaurs,‭ ‬the thagomizer on the end of the tail was composed of two pairs of spikes that pointed out to the sides.


Scale: 1:35
Length: 28.0cm
Height: 10.0cm


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