Dimorphodon with moveable jaw

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Dinosaur Facts

Wingspan: up to 1.2m
Diet: Carnivore
Period: Early Jurassic
Time Span: 197 to 195 Million Years Ago

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Beautifully modelled Dimorphodon from a range of scale dinosaur model toys made by CollectA. This Dimorphodon is hand-painted and finely detailed. A great addition for any prehistoric or dinosaur fanatic!

Dimorphodon scopes the Jurassic seas of 190 million years ago with its yellow eyes, while its strong wings and tail guide it through the skies. Dimorphodon was approximately 2 feet long, weighed around 2 pounds and had a wingspan of about 4 feet. That made it about the size of a modern-day American Crow. However, it was probably a whole lot scarier than today's crows because it did have that head that was filled with razor-sharp teeth. Teeth that could have been used to eat fish but may have also been used to eat insects as well. Paleontologists are quite sure at the moment.

One of the most interesting facts about Dimorphodon is that it had a long tail with a flap of skin at the end that was shaped like a diamond. Paleontologists believe that this was used to stabilize it during flight, much in the same way a tail is used to stabilize a kite. Which probably means that this pterosaur soared instead of actually flying, although it may have done a combination of both depending on the situation.

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Model Dimensions:
Length: 39.0cm
Height: 12.8

Suitable for ages: 3 plus


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