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Dinosaur Facts

Length: up to 5m
Diet: Herbivore
Period: Late Cretaceous
Time Span: 76.4 to 75.5 Million Years Ago

Affordable, but none the less beautifully modelled and finished range of dinosaur models from the CollectA brand. Hand-painted and finely detailed. A great range to collect for any dinosaur fanatic!

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A bizarre dinosaur with 15 horns is one of two new close relatives of Triceratops that scientists unearthed in southern Utah, USA from lands once part of a now-lost continent. The dinosaur, named Kosmoceratops richardsoni, had a horn over its nose, one atop each eye, one at the tip of each cheekbone, and 10 across the rear margin of its bony frill. Its head is the most ornate of any dinosaur known.

The name comes from the Latin "kosmos" for ornate, the Greek "ceratops" meaning horned face, and the latter part honors Scott Richardson, the volunteer who discovered two skulls of this animal in 2007.


Model Dimensions:
Length: 11.5cm
Height: 6.2cm

Suitable for ages: 3 plus


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